It breaks my heart to say this but we all know someone who has been burgled. Due to no fault of our own, sometimes thieves are too smart and manage to violate us by breaking into our home, car and business. They not only steal material possessions but leave a huge wave of destruction, especially for the victim.

I deal and meet with a lot of people on a day to day basis and even I have been victim to credit card fraud when I went shopping on Oxford Street. After crawling into a cab after annihilating my credit cards, I was called by my bank asking if I was on holiday in Africa and using my card? When I replied “no” they told me that someone had withdrawn £750 out of my account. I won’t lie, I felt like someone had literally pulled the rug from underneath my feet. Thankfully, the bank said they would refund the money immediately.

Another colleague of mine mentioned that someone stole her husband’s payslip from their letterbox, applied for a loan and then didn’t make any of the repayments. This consequently led to his credit scoring being obliterated and all of his mortgage applications being rejected. It was even more of a long winded and unnecessary process trying to clear his name and reputation with credit reference agencies.

Sadly more and more of such crimes are becoming common.

Today I was joined by Jo Sidhu QC, a leading specialist in criminal law with particular expertise in terrorism cases, homicides, and conspiracies involving frauds, robberies and drug trafficking.

To clarify, QC is the UK term for a barrister who having practiced law for at least ten years, is given the honour on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor to earn the right to wear a silk gown (‘takes silk’ as it is called) and take precedence over other barristers in the court. A similar honour makes an attorney ‘Senior Counsel’ in British Commonwealth countries.

However we specifically spoke about burglaries and fraud on the show. Jo said he’s dealt with a lot of cases over the years, however, he wants to ensure that people are more careful about their possessions and ultimately those they trust. He emphasised the need for everyone to make a will, it may seem like a pointless exercise to some but it will certainly help families from splitting up.

I meet a lot of people who are having their home, property and estates taken away by their own partners, siblings and relatives. It is a sad reality that more and more people are becoming increasingly greedy and in their desire to gain more wealth they are willing to betray the ones they love.

Jo also mentioned how vital it was in today’s day and age for parents to keep an eye on their children and make sure that they are kept on the good side of the law, otherwise it would ultimately affect their entire future.