Ketan Suchak is currently taking a 12 month sabbatical at Bhaktivedanta Manor Watford to explore spiritual roots and scripture, including a tour of pilgrimage sites in India for 3 months beginning September. He is helping some French based group of companies formed by some well known International business celebrities whose goal is to invest in young entrepreneurs who have innovative business ideas but lack the expertise and/or finance to make their idea happen. He provides the Finance, expertise and mentoring along the way to make their dreams a reality – a bit like the Dragon Den model but without the TV. His company has invested in Music, Publishing, Motor Sports Engineering, Entertainment, Food & Wine, Specialist Consultancies, Education, Organic Food & Beverage, health & beauty and lots more. His job is to run a group of 21 diverse companies which now employ 223 people and last year turned over approximately £418m between them.