I know many people think dreams are just a bunch of jumbled up thoughts that your brain is trying to process from the day, which are meaningless, random and completely bizarre! But I beg to differ. And not because I choose to validate what psychologists of the ages have been saying about dreams, key names being Freud and Jung, but because my own experience has shown me otherwise.

I remember a period of my life where I felt quite afraid and anxious about the future and was scared to take steps forward in my life. One night I had a dream where I was standing at the edge of a cliff that was very high up, and right at the bottom was a huge expansive ocean. Several metres ahead of me was a platform just hovering in the air, like what you would see in Harry Potter movies! This platform represented where I wanted to go, but in between me and the platform was empty space, no bridge, nothing! I know that I had to walk across this space to reach the platform, and even though there was no bridge, I knew I had to trust that if I stepped out, I would not fall.  For several minutes I stood there deciding what I would do.  Would I trust and step out? Or would I worry and stay put? And within moments, I decided to screw it and step out! And I began walking on air and I wasn’t falling! It was the strangest sensation I’ve ever experienced and when I woke up I felt awesome! I realised that nothing bad is going to happen and it’s safe to move forward.

That was a powerful dream, and it was very clear that a message was being communicated to me because I had been “asking” the question for quite some time in my state of worry and fear.  Because dreams are such a personal experience, only you will know if it has any significance. Now I don’t experience this with every dream, but some most definitely stand out because they are very vivid with lots of emotion and I remember them clearly when I wake up.

Dream experts actually say that we ought to pay more attention to what we are feeling in a dream that what is going on because the events are just symbols used to communicate meaning, and the emotion is the true message which we can then interpret.

When I would share my meaningful drams with a very good friend of mine, she would feel envious because she could never recall her dreams and believed that she didn’t dream at all! I knew that wasn’t the case. Just because you don’t remember your dreams, doesn’t mean you’re not dreaming because as long as you are experiencing REM sleep, you will certainly be dreaming. Psychologists also say that if you don’t see value in your dreams you are also not likely to remember them. Just like intuition – if you don’t listen to it or value it, you’re not likely to hear the call. My friend really wanted to remember her dreams and receive messages like I did, so we decided to work together to help her.

The first thing she did every night was set an intention that she would awaken refreshed and alert and be able to recall her dreams and any important messages they might have for her. She also kept a journal and pen next to her bed so that she could write down anything she remembered. This was basically like a ritual that was sub-consciously communicating that she was ready and willing to listen to her dreams. For the first two weeks nothing happened, but she remained committed to her ritual and within three weeks she started to remember some details of her dreams. She was so excited she called me right away to share her first recall! Now she remembers most of her dreams and really enjoys the guidance she gets. She can see how listening benefits her daily life and now she’s hooked!