Like the iceberg that has about 90% of its mass hidden under the surface of the water, so too does much of how we view ourselves and the world we live in, beneath the surface of our conscious awareness. Despite being outside our awareness, these perceptions can significantly affect us by having an impact on our sense of who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and even how we are in the world. All this then impacts how we bring our dreams to fruition.

Imagination really is the engine behind our inner vision and how we see ourselves and how we create our lives in the outer world. One of my favourite quotes is by Albert Einstein who said that “imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” It doesn’t matter what your current situation, challenges or incapacities, imagination has the ability to propel you to exactly where you want to be, and often in the most unexpected and delightful ways.

I remember when I was moving to Los Angeles to go to film school a few years ago. It was about a month before I would be leaving England and I was trying to figure out where I would live when I got to LA. I searched online and found a beautiful apartment complex that was right by the school. The minute I saw it, I knew that was where I wanted to live. It was perfect! So I called the number on the website and spoke to the property manager, May. She was a lovely woman who enjoyed my English accent very much and we had a great conversation, but she told me that unfortunately there were no apartments available and that I should get back in touch when I arrived in LA.

Even though she told me nothing was available, I just knew within me that I would get my apartment. I printed out an image of the development from the website and stuck it on my bedroom wall. Every morning and night I would look at the picture and imagine what it would feel like to live there. It felt amazing! I didn’t allow the lack of any apartments to stop me imagining being there.

When I arrived in LA I was staying with a good friend until I found my own place to live. The first thing I did was call the property I wanted, but no one picked up. I kept trying but still nothing, it was so strange. I was running out of time, so I decided to let it go and look for some other places. My friend and I began our apartment hunt and we actually found many good places, including an apartment that I was very close to taking. I went to bed after the busy day of searching and the next morning woke up with a niggling feeling in my tummy. The apartment I was close to taking just wasn’t 100% right and I felt the impulse to call May, but again she didn’t pick up. I was baffled! So I sent her an email in a last ditch effort and immediately I received a response saying that she remembered me and that an apartment in that complexhad just become available, but I would have to secure it that same day if I wanted it. I was in!

When I went to sign my lease papers later that day, May wasn’t there, but her assistant Jessica was. She was a very chatty and friendly lady, and later in our conversation she looked at me and asked me if I was a good friend of May’s, to which I replied that I was not. Out of curiosity I asked her what prompted her to ask me that question. To my astonishment, she replied that there was a waiting list of about 50 people for the apartment I wanted, but that May called her up and asked her to put my name on the top of the list! It was a miracle! The moment she said that, I knew it was because of my focus on my inner vision of being in that apartment. What do you dare to dream, that you could be fully enjoying and reveling in someday? J