I am a huge fashion lover and have always loved Indian outfits. When I was younger I was awful with fashion and wasn’t very fashion conscious. I developed my own taste and style after I went to University.

Many of my friends will remember me strutting around in heels whilst on our way to University in the snow. However, now I’m more a ballet pumps kind of girl, dare I say it feels like I’m getting old! LOL

I have always loved checking out the latest Bollywood trends and have been a huge fan of Manish Malhotra, who has designed various outfits for different Bollywood films. I remember when my Dad travelled to India for a political visit, he would ask me what I wanted him to bring back? My only answer was “a Manish Malhotra lehenga”.

Bless him, he nodded and always said fine. I did my homework and listed all the stores and boutiques in the area and also gave him a list of colours I liked and disliked. He did buy me a truly beautiful lehenga that fit like a glove. However he was utterly disgusted by the price tag and even to this day tells me that I could have had about 100 stitched suits in the price of a single lehenga. But I don’t care!

Today I was joined by a man who has made a tremendous name for himself all across the globe, Tarun Tahlliani, a fashion designer, who is known and respected by the masses.

In fact my own make-up artist has gone to India to buy one of his suits for her wedding because she is such a huge fan of his work and also sent me a very unimpressed message when she found out that he would be on the show.

Tarun spoke about some of the latest trends this year. He confirmed that red-for brides would never get out dated. He also mentioned that women with Shervani (Achkan) were very much in style right now and wearing it as a statement piece is in line with the latest catwalk trends in India.

Tarun spoke about the importance of dressing for your shape. If you are large then you should not wear baggy clothes to hide your body, just cover it up cleverly and try to develop your own personal sense of style.

Alongside Tarun I was joined by Aashni, a young woman based in London who has her own boutique which stocks some of India’s most exclusive and current designers.

Aashni spoke about how she got into the business. Being from a film background she found it a massive struggle to find a designer outfit in London for her wedding and had to travel back to India for 3 months to ensure that she got what she wanted. That is when she set up her own business in the UK to ensure that other brides did not go through the same heartache.

I really enjoyed today’s show and even though fashion tends to be associated with women, I think we had something for everyone on the show.