Even though we do immigration every week, it seems that everyone’s interest is always highly paramount in this subject due to constant changes in the law and also politicians announcing new changes to the system that make people question them.

Ahead of his visit to Australia for the G20 summit, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that wealthy foreign tourists, businessmen and women will be offered a 24-hour fasttrack visa service to encourage them to come to Britain.

 Mr Cameron announced that the scheme will be extended from India and China to seven other countries including South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and the Philippines.

The fast-track visa service will also be extended to New York in a move which will appeal to US bankers and executives, and also be offered in Paris. Mr Cameron said that the visa service, which costs foreigners £600 to use, is “good news for British business and tourism” and will help attract greater investment. It was a bit of surprise as we always hear through the news, how the British government is struggling to meet its target to reduce net migration to “tens of thousands” by 2015.

The new “Super Priority Visa Service” – already on offer in China and India – guarantees a decision on visa applications within 24 hours.

 It is being rolled out in foreign cities where there is a high demand for travel to Britain. The UK is the second most visited destination for travellers from the UAE, who spend an average of £2,486 per visit. Last year 75,000 Thai tourists spent a total of £117million in Britain. All applicants must meet the strict requirements of our immigration rules and applying for a visa to enter the UK through the 24 hour service does not in any way guarantee a visa application will be successful.

 Creating a visa along these lines can be seen as a great way to increase the UK’s GDP and also improve the local economy however this can also cause great confusion amongst those people who wish to come to the UK to settle down.

So tonight we were able to discuss the issue with solicitor Arif Rahman who said that this was great for tourists who wished to come to the UK for a holiday or see family for a short period of time. But if people wanted to settle down in the UK then this would not be an option for them.

We discussed the turmoil many people face who come to the UK for their studies and pay exorbitant fees, however, are made to go back to their own country the moment the course is over. Those who try to find ways around the system to stay back should definitely be wary as one should NEVER outstay one’s visa because it will result in dire repercussions such as future bans, refusals and difficulties travelling to other countries in the.