We all call ourselves by different names-some say “I am a British Indian” or “a British Pakistani”, “a British Bengali”…. the list goes on! What I don’t understand is why we simply can’t call ourselves British?

There is not a single doubt in my mind that immigration is always a hot topic. The reality is that even if you don’t want to talk about it, you will still hear someone else talking about it. And even visually you often see it everywhere- be it the newspapers, radio, television or even internet stories.

Governments all across the globe (and specifically here in the UK) have been under constant pressure to solve issues pertaining to immigration. Over the years, Labour has blamed Conservatives and Conservatives have blamed the Labour Party for agreeing to allow the free movement of people into the UK without any controls into the number of people coming to the UK for various reasons such as marriage, asylum or even the prospect of having a better life.

For the last few weeks there has been a constant debate between the British Prime Minister David Cameron who was handed a £1.7billion bill from the EU last week which has sparked up a debate about the number of people coming into the UK. However, the consequences this will have on people coming from all across the globe is left to be seen.

In today’s environment, I do not see how any country can completely shut down the borders and survive. All countries need individuals to come and support their current workforce, sometimes due to a shortage in skilled workers and sometimes due to a lack of willingness amongst current citizens to embark upon those roles. As the population grows it is understandable that people will migrate due to work, people will marry and move across borders, however it is at the same time vital to have proper controls, rules and regulations in place.

On today’s show, I was joined with Gurpal Oppal a legal specialist whose forte is immigration.

We talked about numerous issues relating to immigration. Many of the viewers wanted clarification on what were the terms and conditions to bringing a spouse from the Indian sub-continent.

My heart broke when I heard the situation of one caller. She had got married and unfortunately soon after got cancer. Her Husband left her the moment he got his migration papers processed. I cannot imagine how a person in this situation must feel. Deceived, hurt, betrayed and angry. Gurpal gave our viewer some sound advice regarding her situation as well as other callers who had various immigration issues.

It is clear that right now there is no clear cut answer for all immigration issues that exist. However, I do feel that some rules need to be tightened in countries across the globe to ensure that the rights of residents and the countries they are travelling to are protected.