Do you prefer luxury or is it all about being on a budget?

I’ll admit when I go on holiday I’m one of those people who never really gets a good deal. In fact I always tend to pay full wack as I’m not really used to finding the good deals. It is always a major drama when I’m booking a holiday as to date I have never been able to find a “GREAT DEAL”.

I love to go away. However I am not a fan of ‘roughing it out’. So something like camping, hiking or sporty trip would be my idea of sheer hell.

Sometimes it’s best to shop around for a holiday or in my case get a good friend to find something good for you. I can understand that everyone loves a bargain, but it is equally vital to make sure that you live within your budget. There is so much competition out there for food, clothes, holidays etc., it is best to shop around.

I won’t lie, I’m a firm believer that when you go on holiday, provided that you can afford it, you should enjoy the best that you can afford. It’s not every day that we go away for a holiday or break, so why not enjoy the luxury of having a good breakfast/lunch/dinner, in a prime location, with great staff that go above and beyond to help you with your requirements and requests.

Today we were joined by Ramesh Arora from the Montcalm Hotel group which is renowned amongst Bollywood celebrities who stay at his expanding group of Hotels whenever they are in town.

Admittedly most people are happy to pay more for luxury because they know that they will receive a great service and experience. However, if you are indeed on a budget that’s absolutely fine. I remember looking for all of the best low cost deals when I was a student and if you are too, there are many websites dedicated to emailing you daily or weekly with a set of discount vouchers you can use against various products and services. Many of the deals claim to offer between 25%- 50% off the original price, so always check similar items or services first to see if you really are getting the best deal around. At the end of the day it’s all about having a great holiday.