Homeopathy is said to be discovered in the early 1800s by Samuel Hahnemann. Today there are a few GP practices and homeopathic hospitals where this form of alternative medicine is available.

On today’s show I had the pleasure of talking to Dr Mukesh Batra about homeopathy and its effect on common problems like hair loss, acne, psoriasis and depression. Speaking about his journey Dr Batra said that his family had a history of 110 years of homeopathy. His father was a homeopathic doctor and his son has also taken up this medicine, making it three generations of homeopathic doctors.  He said that it has been a difficult but wonderful journey. About 40 years ago even in India people did not believe in homeopathy and it was difficult to explain the benefits to them.

He said that Homeopathy was founded by a German doctor in Germany. It came to India through the court of Maharana Ranjit Singh. A French physician brought it to India. The Maharaja had a sore throat and in that time the homeopathic medicine was used for treating sore throat in India. After that it started getting popular all over the country.  The homeopathic system of medicine is based on ‘’likes cure likes’’ which is very similar to the vaccination therapy. A substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if it was taken by a healthy person.

Speaking about psoriasis Dr Batra said that it is an auto immune disorder and when the immunity of the body is reduced then the skin cells start growing at a faster rate than normal because of which the skin starts peeling off. It’s more common in the cold and dry weather. At times it can ooze but most of the times it is found to be very dry and itchy. There are many reasons for this to happen

  • It can be hereditary
  • Stress
  • Drug reaction to certain medications

According to the World Health Organisation, you are considered cured from Psoriasis only if you do not get any eruptions for a period of 5 years. People need to be patient when dealing with psoriasis said Dr Batra.

Sometimes men suffer from various problems related to sperm count due to which they might be unable to bear children. There are 2 common problems according to Dr Batra

  • Oligospermia – where the sperm count is low
  • Azoospermia – where sperm is not produced at all.

When the count is low there are some homeopathic remedies available to help build it up. But for people suffering with Azoospermia there is less chance of getting better.

The homeopathic mode of treatment is different as compared to other systems of medicine. As modern medicine views people as parts of a whole homeopathy views people as a whole comprising of different parts. Homeopathy is holistic medicine and it is a combination of both the mind and body. It is believed that 90 per cent of the problems today are psychosomatic and they come from mental stress or anxiety or maybe even some emotional suppressions. To explain this in a better way Dr Batra gave an example of a case where a child used to get an asthmatic attack whenever the father went abroad to work. A simple homeopathic medicine used to get over the emotional insecurity that the child was going through and helped the child get rid of the Asthma. So the emotional part including the emotional suppression even in childhood could be the cause of certain problems. Homeopathy goes to the root of the problem, tries to analyse what is wrong and how it can be corrected.

He said that homeopathic remedies can help people with depression too. A lot of the anti-depressant medicines or the anti-anxiety pills that are available in the market today have side effects but he claims that homeopathy is free from any side effects.

If a person is going to a homeopathic doctor for a consultation they can expect to have

  • an hour long conversation with the doctor
  • be taken back to your childhood
  • analysis of the social and emotional issues

Speaking about hair loss he said that there are nearly 40 medical reasons for hair loss. But some of the most common ones are

  • Medications
  • Thyroid problems
  • Aesthesia and surgery
  • PCOD
  • Water
  • Shampoo or hair products
  • Stress
  • Anaemia

If there is no medical reason then Dr Batra recommends using natural products for hair and to avoid using too many chemicals. He also spoke about a condition called androgenic alopecia caused due to certain hormonal changes that take place in males around 35 to 40 years of age. Once they have lost hair then they cannot get it back especially when parts of the scalp become smooth because then there are no hair roots left.  But further hair loss can be prevented with the help of homeopathic remedies.

Speaking about the difference between hair weaving and hair transplant he said that the former is merely a camouflage which is really like a wig, where you take natural hair and you can cover the bald patch up and the latter is a permanent solution, it’s a day care surgery which takes between 5 to 7 hours. During hair transplant the hair near the nape of the neck which is resistant to the male hormone which attacks the hair roots causing baldness is extracted and transplanted in the area where there is no hair.

It is mentioned on the NHS website that ‘’there is no scientific evidence available to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy’’. Reacting to this statement Dr Batra said that he has been practicing homeopathy for the past 40 years and has always had great results. He recommends that people first try it out before saying that it doesn’t work He feels that there is enough evidence in terms of the popularity of homeopathy and the way people take to it. According to the World Health Organisation, Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world and is also the fastest growing form of medication.

He said the homeopathy not only works in adults, it is also one of the best form of paediatric medicine in the world. He spoke of the time when he was addressing the American Paediatric Association because their patients kept asking about homeopathy. He said that homeopathy is used for animals and also plants. There have been more than 118 double blind trials that have conclusively proven that homeopathy is a very successful and beneficial mode of treatment.

Dr Batra gave the following tips for preventing hair problems

  • Use natural hair products
  • Avoid heating the hair – straightening or curling or blow drying
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep well
  • Eat well
  • Be happy