We all work hard to make a home and work even harder to buy and decorate it with nice things. But sometimes unfortunate incidents occur like a fire, burglary or even a house party gone wrong! These could lead to you losing some of the things that you worked so hard to achieve. Therefore it is vital to get home and contents insurance.

While I have met several people who consider it a total waste of time and money or an “un-necessary expense,” I also do know families who lost their home due to severe flooding early this year and they had not purchased any home and contents insurance. They were left devastated after losing everything they loved. After seeing their plight, I really feel it is better to be protect yourself in case something may happen.

There are so many things that cost money to repair and replace, therefore if something needs repairing or replacing then I would highly recommend getting home and contents insurance. A lot of people have a carefree attitude, which is fine. However if you are looking into protecting your valuables and home then you should definitely shop around for a policy that “suits you”.

There are options available in your Bank, Building society, you can speak to a broker (however just make sure that they are legitimate and not a ‘cowboy-style’ company). If you are internet savvy you can always check out comparison sites for a great deal. Be sure to shop around and not pick the quickest or even cheapest deal.

One issue I have seen many people have, is they do not give the correct details of their home and contents. They either undervalue it (to save on costs) or do not declare the real value of precious items as they don’t want to pay for additional items aside from the set fee. However, by doing this you are risking the chance of insurance companies underpaying as well.

Always be sure to read up on any ‘exclusions’ that may be in your policy. Sometimes insurance firms don’t include things such as weather damage and in the UK that is something we ALL need to think about. Aside from that, shop around and most companies will price match you if you find a cheaper policy elsewhere, so don’t be afraid to negotiate.

I personally feel that by taking the home and contents insurance, you are also taking some piece of mind. After all, we all know it is better to be safe than sorry!