Imagine you are travelling from your home to a city spa or salon. First of all it’s going to take you time to get there. Next there’s likely to be lots of traffic.  Then you may struggle to find parking or public transport may be delayed. Phew! By the time you arrive for your appointment just in time you are either stressed or exhausted!

You have your beauty therapy treatments! Ah what bliss to be so relaxed and feeling simply great! You thank your spa or salon therapist and leave. So now it’s time to head back home and by the time you arrive you are already stressed or even irritated by your journey, and all the benefits of your beauty therapy have most likely disappeared.

Imagine how it would feel having your beauty therapy at home. Isn’t it so much more relaxing and beneficial? A beauty massage enables you to relax in comfort, you can choose to have it for as long as you wish – no driving, no parking, no additional expenses such as parking or perhaps even parking fines or facing overcrowded public transport. If you had arrived late for your salon treatment, your treatment would likely be cut short, but not if you have it at home. You don’t have to face and wriggle through the crowds anymore. What about the lovely pedicure you just had? Often within minutes the varnish is chipped but not if you allow time at home.

One of my aunts only has such therapies at home and she says she loves it because it’s in the comfort of her own home, and she doesn’t have to rush to dress and leave the room so the next client can have their treatment! But aren’t beauty therapies at home more expensive compared to going to a salon or spa? I guess it all depends on how much you would spend on travel, parking etc. on top of your treatment cost. But I think the most important aspect is making time for yourself and being totally relaxed during the entire experience.

Something I used to really enjoy when I made the time for it was having a spa day at home with my friends. We would have a light lunch and a glass of champagne and it would be a great girls’ day in! A great option if you’re on a budget. But if you would like to indulge in therapies at home, how do you find a trusted and quality therapist?

One of the best ways is by word of mouth. If someone you know has had a great experience and can speak glowingly of a therapist then they are a good bet. Otherwise, find out if a salon or therapist is a member of an association such at BABTAC or the Beauty Guild as these companies only insure fully qualified beauty therapists.

Another thing to bear in mind is that a good therapist should have good knowledge, so ask them about the latest treatments and any conditions you might have to see what they say. In effect, test them out!