I truly believe that we don’t just eat with our taste buds, but with our eyes. For me personally, something has to look appealing because whenever I’m considering what to eat, I always visualize it first to see whether it entices me. Many of us do! That’s why I believe food presentation is an important aspect of good cuisine.

The best part is that it takes very simple things to make a huge difference. For example, on Zee Companion, we had celebrity chef Dipna Anand on the show, co-owner of the Brilliant Restaurant in Southall.  She shared some great tips on food presentation, for example, building on food rather than spreading things around the plate. She made a lovely vegetable biryani and put in into a cylindrical mould and then topped it with fresh watercress and a few mint leaves at the base and it looked great!

She also shared a delicious and very simple salad recipe. She used a patterned peeler (which you can easily find in supermarkets) to peel off long pieces of carrot and cucumber. She then added some fresh watercress and mint leaves and then topped it with a lovely dressing. The dressing was a mix of olive oil, white vinegar, salt and pepper and the combination was divine! It looked good and tasted good too.

Here are more fun tips for making your food look fabulous:

  •     Play with colour and texture

Even if you’re just serving Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, a green paper napkin can make this simple meal look really special! If you made a smooth vegetable soup, serve it with a carrot stick and a celery stick (maybe an inner one with some of the delicious little greens still attached) across the top of the bowl.

  •      Garnish appropriately

Don’t lose sight of the recipe you made in the first place! Any garnishes on the plate should be edible and should enhance the flavour of the main dishes. Grilled salmon might be served with a lemon wedge, for example.

  •     Use pretty tableware

One thing Dipna Anand did on Zee Companion was to serve her food on very nice ceramic dishes, which enhanced the presentation massively. And they were very inexpensive! Make sure your serving plates are big enough to let each food item stand out, but small enough that the portions don’t look tiny.