It is always nice to have a Punjabi artiste on the show and I was delighted to be joined by a Punjabi legend known to the world as Hans Raj Hans. He is renowned for his long blonde curly hair and his classical variations in singing. He has been singing folk songs for many years but recently sang a number of Gurbani shabads and Dharmic geets (religious songs). He is a recipient of the civilian honour of Padma Shri Award.

Born into a Sikh family in a village called Shafipur near Jalandhar, he sings Punjabi folk and Sufi music and has also sung in several movies and released his own pop albums. He has worked alongside other renowned artistes such as the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, as seen in the movie Kachche Dhaage, and has also provided the playback voice for films such as Patiala House and Bichoo.

In his young age Hans Raj Hans learned from renowned music director Charanjit Ahuja.

He spoke about his passion for music and desire to enter the music industry. As a huge believer he felt everything in life is given to our destiny, which I have to agree with.

Hans Raj Hans had numerous requests for songs and he happily obliged everyone who wanted to hear him sing. I must admit there is something incredibly soothing and enchanting in his voice, and I’m amazed when he says that he hardly ever practices.

He said that he was very proud of his two sons who were in the film industry and doing very well for themselves, he spoke of his pride as a Father and his “samdhi” Punjabi legend Daler Mehendi. So it would appear that the future Hans Raj Hans would be without a doubt from two of the most powerful Punjabi music houses.

It seems fair to say that his sense of humility and honesty came across in the interview. Hans Raj Hans, spoke about his passion for Sufism and also the fact that he didn’t want a hectic life, he gets tired of the run arounds and constant hustle and bustle of life. So he has now slowed down and chooses his projects according to his wish to work, as opposed to fame and fortune.

It was a true delight to have Hans Raj Hans on the show, his charisma, great voice and personality were evident throughout the show and it was clear the reason he was doing so well in his career was due to his hard work, dedication and passion for his craft.