I’m one of those people who believes that their hair is their crowning glory. However, due to life stresses and even certain medications a lot of people are losing their hair and due to this their confidence is being knocked out.

Today I was joined by Sam Cinkir in the first half of the show. Sam has worked in the field of hair since 2001. He has recently opened a branch of Esteworld Medical Group in Birmingham, UK. Esteworld first opened in 1994 and has expanded to four hospitals based in Istanbul, specialising only in plastic surgery. He has 700 employees in 52 countries.

He said that there were different forms of transplants available and he sits down with his patients for a proper consultation before taking any action and assesses any risks that may occur due to their health conditions (people with high level of diabetes are not suitable and nor are people with certain heart conditions). Sam said that after the consultation the patient would be flown to Turkey for a few days where they would undergo treatment and then return to the UK once they were fit to fly, he would then spend 10 days personally washing their hair to ensure that no chemicals other than their own special products were used and he said the results would be quite noticeable! However, it’s worth mentioning that this procedure it quite costly.

In the second half of the show I was joined by our regular guest Dr Sunil Chopra, BSc, MBBs, MRCP, a member of the British Association of Dermatology. He is fully accredited and is registered with the General Medical Council.

In relation to hair loss Dr Chopra said that a number of health conditions such as polycystic Ovary syndrome, thyroid problems and lack of iron in the body could be the cause. He said that many vegetarians suffered from the latter as it was a common misconception that spinach had lots of iron! Without a doubt spinach does, but it is not enough.

Common causes of hair loss include nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, stress, use of improper hairstyles, heating tools, chemical-laden hair products and genetics to name a few. But you do not need to worry. There are some home remedies that can help nourish your hair and promote new growth. These remedies will prove to be highly effective if you follow them regularly for at least a month. Here are some top tips I have got over the last few years:

1.My hairdresser says… Scalp Massage and Hot Oil Treatment

Massaging your scalp helps improve circulation and hence stimulates hair growth, and you only need to do it for about five minutes daily to see results. Just rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion, applying gentle pressure and kneading occasionally to open up the blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Massaging can also be combined with a hot oil treatment once or twice a week. Heat some coconut or olive oil in a microwave or a double-boiler. Heating it will help it penetrate the hair shaft easily and also reduce dandruff.

2. My Mum’s health journal says…. Rosemary

Rosemary is an excellent herb for your hair. It promotes growth of long hair, strengthens the roots, and eliminates dandruff. The herb has antioxidant properties that boost hair growth. In addition, the sulfur and silica content in rosemary helps reverse hair loss. Rosemary will help increase circulation to the scalp and unclog blocked hair follicles. Furthermore, it can help darken your hair.

3. My make up artist says this is AMAZING… Eggs

Hair is made up of keratin protein and eggs are a great source of protein. Thus, they are highly beneficial in helping your hair grow.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all different, however, I know how important hair is for all of us, so once you find something that works for you, why not stick to it? All of our bodies are different and it is important that we take as much care as we can of our looks, while we still can!