Hair loss is a problem which several people experience! While I used to always think that only the elderly experienced such problems, today I see so many young people going through ‘hair-raising’ issues, leading to stress and embarrassment.

I am sadly one of them. For the last few months I have jokingly been telling my boss that Zee Companion is making me bald, however more recently it has become more apparent to the entire office that my hair has thinned out a LOT since I started the show.

When I was younger I always wanted long hair but my Mum insisted in giving me the dreaded “mushroom cut” which made me look like she had literally stuck a pot on my head and cut around the edges. Then as I got older it grew and it was long and healthy, in my teens I began experimenting with hair dye and when I went to University started to cut it in all sorts of shapes and styles.

Then as the pressures of working life and “stress” kicked in I started to notice that it was getting thinner. However, recently I have noticed a HUGE change for the worse in texture and even body.

Some people have said that London water is harsh on the hair causing several issues. When I used to crib to my mother about the same, she would tell me off saying “put oil in your hair”!! She would then give me a long lecture about taking vitamins and making more time for myself.

From what I know there are a lot of women who suffer from this problem but are often too embarrassed to bring it up or discuss it.

Today I was joined by UCL qualified Sunil Chopra who said that people with hair loss issues should try and avoid tea as it has been proven to stunt hair growth. He suggested each person should drink more citrus juices such as orange and grapefruit.

He advised people with hair loss to seek advice from their GP and then ask to be referred to a dermatologist who would be able to help them with their problem. He spoke of the importance of maintain a well-balanced diet filled with nutrients. He also dismissed stories of hair dye leading to more hair loss and oil leading to hair growth being mere old wives tales. However, he did say that if it works for you Carry on!