Over the years there has been a lot of fluctuations in the weather. At times, the summers are getting hotter every year or the winters colder. When we see this happening we tend to crib about it and then forget it but what we don’t realise is that we are all partly responsible for these climate changes. Have we ever stopped to think how much harm we may be causing the environment what with pollution levels increasing so rapidly? The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and the trees that help to balance these levels are also depleting daily causing ‘’global warming’’. Both global warming and greenhouse effect are related to each other and are greatly responsible for early springs, really hot summers, really cold winters and even some of the natural disasters that are happening around the world.

 I remember studying in school about the greenhouse effect — how the ozone layer is depleting and what bad effects this would cause. I have always been positive about recycling and saving the current available energy resources. Most people might think that it would not make any difference if one person does or does not do something to help save the environment. But the fact is that every person who helps counts and if all of us do our bit for our environment it is bound to make a significant difference.

 On today’s show we had Ranjit Singh Baxi, the treasurer of the Bureau of International Recycling. He spoke about how man is the biggest pollutant on earth and also gave an idea about how much waste is created every day. An example of this was how we waste too much food because we end up buying in excess due to some special discount offers or the other; and since every food item has an expiry date, we end up throwing a lot of it away. He stressed on the importance of recycling to save the rapidly depleting natural resources and also the shortage of landfill areas all around the world.

 Some recycling aware people called on the show and expressed the practical difficulties they have with recycling. It was great to hear that so many people are aware of the importance of recycling and want to do their bit by separating all the recyclable stuff into the proper bins and do it properly. But they don’t know where they can get guidance. Mr Baxi said that every council has their own separating system. So I feel most details regarding recycling and also details like collection times would be available on the council websites,

 Baxi alo said that the quality of the waste that’s sent for recycling is a very important aspect. If the waste paper sent for recycling is wet then it gets wasted because it might compromise the quality of the recycled product. He also stressed on the importance of recycling aluminium cans and said it’s important to save whatever natural resources we have left and also save the cost incurred for their extraction. Another important thing he said was that the cold drink cans should not be mixed with other cans like maybe that of hairspray because they are made up of different materials and mixing them up makes the process of recycling difficult and expensive.

I had a great time talking about the importance of Going Green.