George is a specialist criminal solicitor with unparalleled experience in the representation of Defendants facing a wide variety of charges, from the most trivial accusations to the more serious and complex crimes. He has dealt with a wide variety of criminal cases involving fraud, including defending very high value HMC&E and DTI prosecutions. On a day-to-day basis George deals with Criminal Appeals, Judicial Review, Drug Trafficking Act offences, Money Laundering and Confiscation, Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Murder and other serious violence, including multi handed cases (more than one defendant), Rape and other sexual offences, Kidnapping, Prison Law and Parole hearings, Motoring offences, Benefit fraud, Offences against the person, RAF Offences under the Air Force Act 1955 and Dangerous dogs. George has conducted many fully contested trials and obtained acquittals in several complicated cases. He appears regularly in local Magistrates Courts dealing with complex sentencing and bail applications. He has also dealt with complex legal arguments which arise prior to and on the day of trial.  Furthermore, George has established close working relationships with a range of Experts, for example analysis of complex DNA evidence; Facial Mapping; complex mobile phone evidence,  including cell site analysis. He takes great pride in meticulous trial preparation of cases in order to ensure the best possible result.