Life expectancy at birth in the UK is now 81.5. This is a huge increase from the life expectancy in 1900 which was just below 50. In fact, men can expect to live on average 64.2 years in good health and women can expect to live an average of 66.1 years.

One of the best ways to increase your life expectancy is by keeping fit and healthy by exercising and having the right diet.

I spoke with Avi Samri, a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and weight management coach, about getting fit for the summer and easy exercises to do in the comfort of your own home.

We began by focusing on exercises women can do to lose weight on the common problem areas such as those bingo wings, on your thighs, and your stomach.

Avi demonstrated a range of exercise techniques to lose weight on these areas and to tone them up for the perfect summer body. One of the exercises was squatting – standing with your legs apart, tensing your stomach, holding your arms out, and then slowly lowering your body and coming back up again slowly.

One of Avi’s top tips was to always tense your core, or your stomach, and exercise slowly as it has greater impact.

I also got involved with some of the arm exercises to get rid of my bingo wings and tone up my arms! I slowly lifted some dumbbells, once they were at my shoulder level I tensed my arms so that my arms were virtually shaking, and then slowly lowered my arms down again. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use beans tins! This is a simple exercise you can do while watching TV and in the comfort of your own home.

She also showed some exercises to reduce love handles:

  • Lie on the side of your body
  • Fold the leg you are lying on so only one leg is stretched outwards
  • Place your elbow on the floor and rest your head on your hand – essentially the entire half of your body should be off the floor
  • Lift your body off the floor
  • And then repeat lowering to the floor and lifting it

It’s not only women who want to get fit for the summer but men also like to work out and feel fit for the holiday season. Avi demonstrated a specific chest exercise to help men build their chest up. She also advised eating a lot of protein, carbohydrates and meat. She advised both men and women to eat around six nutritious meals throughout the day for a really balanced diet.

Once we had covered all the beach body elements for men and women, we turned to everyday life and exercises you can do while sitting on the sofa, cooking, cleaning or in the office.

For somebody like me who sits at the computer a lot of the time, Avi suggested leg exercises such as lifting your legs slowly up and down one at a time and then both together.

She also suggested that people can do simple workouts in the kitchen while cooking – and you can grab those cans of beans to get rid of your bingo wings while cooking (without causing any hazardous situations of course!)

Another top tip was to work your shoulders. Many people do not consider the shape of their shoulders or making their shoulders look lean. But Avi explained that rather than only toning your arms, it is nice to also tone your shoulders to give your entire body shape a slender look.

Lastly, Avi ended on some top superfoods you should eat in order to have a healthy diet:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Tofu
  • Soya
  • Cottage cheese
  • Keema

With the sun shining, the weather as beautiful as it is, and it staying lighter for longer, there really is no excuse not to exercise and get fit for the summer!