When I was told that I would be hosting this show I actually rolled my eyes and said, ‘are you kidding me?’

My family loves all of these Mehfil nights and Sham-E-Ghazal type of events. However I normally get so bored, that I would rather fall asleep or watch paint dry. Probably because I don’t really understand the depth of it.

But over the years I have become more in tune with the work of Bulleh Shah and Mirza Ghalib. I recently went to a Satinder Sartaj concert and he quotes a lot of shaiyri in his songs and as someone who is not the strongest in Punjabi, having to translate his verses to someone who did not understand a single word of Punjabi was not only priceless but made me realise how much depth is actually is in the meaning.

I won’t lie and say that I am ready to do a PHD in the subject of Shaiyri but today’s show really made me aware as to how many people appreciate it, enjoy it and in a way like to hold onto their culture.

A lot of young people do not really take a great interest in the subject, however it it certainly something I would like to know more about in future and I hope the show has inspired you too.

I was sent in some beautiful shaiyri which I had to share with you:

Mujhe tuj peh aitabaar hai

Mujhe maut peh bhi aitabaar hai

Bus yeh deakh na hai ke pehle kaun aah ta hai

Mujhe dono ka intezaar hai


Dost eik saahil hai toofano ke liye

Dost eik aaina hai aramaano ke liye

Dost eik mehfil hai anjaano ke liye

Dosti eik khwaish hai aap jaisa dost pane ke liyeh!