Rameet Kaur is a singer, actress and dancer. A former winner of the ‘Miss India Scotland’ title in her teens, Rameet is no stranger to the limelight, having participated in the local Glasgow talent show circuit over the years. She released her debut album titled ‘Dil Milde’ at the tender age of 11, produced by renowned Indian music director Atul Sharna. The entire album featured traditional Punjabi folk songs by Rameet and her brother, Lord Munmeet. Having been classically trained in the art of ‘Shabad’ (Sikh religious hymns) at her local gurdwara, Rameet excelled in her vocal training, learning ‘Ragas’ and ‘Sargams’ very early in her musical education, in the UK and in India. Having won the ‘Miss India Scotland’ beauty pageant in 2012, she also performed a traditional South Asian dance at the worldwide contest in Surinam.