When we talk about entertainment the first thing that comes to my mind is Bollywood films. I am such a big movie buff and love watching all kinds of movies, be it out and out entertainers or even serious or dramatic ones.

When someone is feeling low or depressed about something then there is usually some form of entertainment that helps take your mind off the problem and feel refreshed. Whenever I am dull or low all I do is kick back on my sofa and watch my favourite movie “3 Idiots”. I just love watching it and must have watched it like a 100 times till now. Shayad I might be able to say some of the dialogues while the movie is playing. I just know them all by heart!!

Today I was lucky to have the opportunity to chat with my most favourite Writer Director and Producer Mr Vidhu Vinod Chopra. He is known for all the amazing movies he has given us like 3 Idiots, Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho munnabhai, P.K, 1942 a Love Story, Ferrari ki Sawari, Parinda… the list just goes on.

In Hindi mainstream cinema on one hand there are some films that have a very strong script and still commercially the film does not do well and on the other hand there are some commercially super hit movies which lack the content in the script and some are just senseless comedies. I feel Vidhu Vinod Chopra is one of the few people in Hindi mainstream cinema who has managed to make commercially hit films with good content. He has never compromised a script for making a commercially successful film.

Mr Chopra started his career with a short film ‘’Murder at monkey hill’’ followed by a documentary that was nominated for the Oscars. He talked about his first experience at the Oscars so many years back. It was a really interesting story about how he had to go to the Oscars in a simple Kurta Pajama. It speaks volumes about his simplicity and down to earth nature to share this experience.

He has done a lot of mainstream Hindi movies which am sure all of us know about and now his first Hollywood film ‘’ Broken Horses ‘’ is due for release. He shared his experiences during the making of the film right from its conception to working with the Hollywood actors. He also spoke about the warmth that is always present when making a Hindi film in India. He said that everyone on the sets is like a family and the atmosphere is very warm but in Hollywood it’s very different. If an actor is expected to be on sets at 6 am in Hollywood then that actor will actually be ready with makeup at 6 am. People are very punctual. He wanted to combine the warmth of Bollywood with the efficiency of Hollywood to make this film which was his dream project.

He also said that if someone wants to make a career as an actor all he has to do is chase excellence!!! A good actor needs to just shoot a good show reel and send it across to the right people. Talent speaks for itself!!