The film industry is a profession that most people automatically write off as impossible to get in to. “Good luck with that,” people will say with a smirk when you tell them of your intentions. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know; and you don’t know anyone.”

To make things worse, you won’t find a lot of support out there, in fact, people will tend to try to spoil your dreams and make you think twice before going for it. There are a lot of reasons why people do this, but not all are malicious. For many of them, they only have their own experience to go by and assume it will be that way for everyone else.

Some people will be jealous of your courage because they’ve always dreamed of making it in film, but never did. They will make it sound like the film world is entirely unjust and only a chosen few succeed.

What I would say is that just because they have had that experience, doesn’t mean you have to as well. Everyone’s experience is unique and I believe that a lot of what we get is not necessarily what we want, but what we expect. It’s very easy to look around at what others have achieved, or have not achieved, and expect that. It’s easy because you see clear evidence of it. But nothing great has ever been achieved by looking at what has already been done. It’s our ability to look beyond what-is that creates newness in this world.

If you are going to break into the film industry, you have to expect these kinds of negative influences on your dreams and tune them out. If you have decided that you are going to take the plunge, it is important to get rid of as much resistance to your goal as possible. From a psychological view point, you do that by not buying into what others tell you is or isn’t possible for you. I know this may sound far out, but my own experience has taught me that the only thing that can ever stop me accomplishing what I want is my own unbelieving thoughts.

But in order to cultivate the right mindset, you also need to get your physical house in order. And what that means is ensuring that your resources are arranged so that you can more easily focus on your goals. One important aspect is your money.   Pay off your debt and develop some sort of passive income that will free you to pursue your passion the way most people dream of their whole lives. I have seen so many actors in Los Angeles working at restaurants and bars to support their dreams but then never end up leaving it. It’s incredibly sad.

If you can enter the film industry for the love of the work instead of a need for money, you will have a great advantage over most of your competition. Spend time developing this money freedom before you get locked into the life of a starving artist. If you are thinking about the film industry, don’t let anyone stop you. Get your house in order and hit the trail running. If your passion is film, there is no better place to live it than in the film industry.