When I talked to Kabir Bedi on Zee Companion, I remember a story he recounted about being chosen to act in a movie in Italy. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and they loved him.

I think he recognised the divine timing of this event and subsequent events in his career because when I asked him what he would say to those who wanted to become actors, his response was a charming yet booming “Don’t!”

I don’t think it’s because he believes it’s impossible to make it, he’s a clear example of that. But I think he sees the uniqueness of his path and therefore the difficulty in deconstructing it!

And that’s where my ‘luck or destiny?’ thought pops in. Why does one person make it and another fall by the wayside? Do they really fall by the wayside or do they fall onto the path that is their destiny? And therefore am I even asking the right question?

I believe Kabir Bedi experienced both luck and destiny. But what is luck? Isn’t it when preparation meets opportunity? In which case you’re right on track following your destiny!

I think Kabir Bedi set a precedent for South Asian actors to venture beyond Bollywood. Should they go for it or not? It depends on how passionate and excited they feel about it.

But one thing I have noticed on my own journey is that your passion and your destiny are one and the same. It’s impossible for one to survive without the other. And those lucky events you experience on your path are only your destiny revealing itself that you instantly recognise but that others watching cannot understand or explain.

So while I think Kabir Bedi is smart to discourage foray into the acting world, I would say “Do it!” if it’s the most exciting thing you can imagine doing. Because the excitement you feel is the sign that you’re on the right path for you. If acting doesn’t work out, you’ll be led to the thing that is right for you. Either way you can’t go wrong, so why not take a chance and give it a shot?

We regret the things in life we don’t do, not the things we do 