Gulshan Grover is an Indian actor who has appeared in over 400 films. He is among the first actors to have made a successful transition from Bollywood to Hollywood and international cinema. He is also known with the name “Bad Man” in Bollywood. In over 400 films to date over a 25 year career, Gulshan has proven himself to be a versatile professional with a passion for his chosen craft. He has acted in many of India’s most successful films, received numerous accolades and awards, and is a prominent figure in the Indian film community. His recent film ‘I Am Kalam’ earned him nomination for National Awards of India ‘Best Supporting Actor’. Gulshan Grover also won the Best Actor International at New York City Film Festival & Houston Film Festival, for his performance as Indian Hollyman, Spiritualman, Dada Bhagwan for film ‘Desperate Endeavours’.