It’s always nice to have people on the show who follow their passion and today I was joined by Jasbir Wouhra the Managing Director of East End foods, whose passion for singing is clearly visible for all to see.

Jasbir spoke about his desire to sing from a young age, however, he became involved in the family business. He was always passionate about music and films and he was even involved in the music of some films. After numerous trips to India he became good friends with people from the music industry and thanks to them he was able to make an album after some serious vocal coaching.
I was impressed to hear that even though he works full time as the MD, he has also released numerous albums and is even in the process of releasing a new song for the mainstream market.

Jasbir was also joined on the show by Sa Re Ga Ma finalist Kiran Sachdev. Kiran was a finalist of the most popular singing reality competition SaReGaMa. Alongside she has lent her vocals for a number of remixes and regional film songs. She spoke about her experience on the show and how she really enjoyed being part of the ZEE TV family.

Kiran Sachdev has been an ardent vocal student and impressively has served as a systems engineer in one of the leading IT consultancy firms of India. I was amazed how she juggled her career and musical aspirations and she said quite openly that credit was due to her supportive family.
Her intellect and intelligence are analytical, while her soul and spirit are artistic. And both these qualities gel together beautifully to produce an artist who is as artful as insightful.
One thing is for sure after interviewing both of them, it doesn’t matter what you do in life or where you are. If you have a passion such as singing, it’s never too late get started and pave the way for stardom, regardless of where and what you may be doing in life.