I love Bollywood and don’t even shy away from my passion of it. So today I was incredibly excited to interview the original “Bad man” of Bollywood Gulshan Grover.

His career spans over many years and he was awarded a Filmfare Award for his role in the film “I am Kalam.” Gulshan has starred in over 400 films and even entered Hollywood to star in a variety of films such as Tarzan, something that several Bollywood actors have done post that.

Gulshan spoke about his desire to become a good actor and his constant dedication and persistence to get to where he is today. He spoke of the time he would go to America with suitcases filled with VHS tapes consisting of his show reel, then getting questioned by customs about selling illegal videos. He went through a lot of struggles in the US. But when he did his role, he realised that people in America respected him for his art and craft. Above all he loved their professionalism.

I asked him about his favourite costar and he said without even flinching he said that Manisha Koirala was one of his all-time favourite actresses and people in the industry. He was very happy that in his new film he stars alongside her, and that too as the hero and not villain! The film is set in the UK and after seeing the trailer on the show it looks like their chemistry is one to be rivalled with.

Alongside his film, with Manisha Koirala, Gulshan was busy promoting his new film called Beeba Boys, a Canadian based film directed and written by Deepa Mehta.  It stars Randeep Hooda as Jeet Johar, a loving single father, a dutiful son, a proud, observant Sikh and a ruthless gangster managing a team of stylish, charismatic but brutal and unforgiving young men. The film is inspired by real incidents and characters. Gulshan was very excited by the fact the film Beeba Boys premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The first trailer was released on July 29, 2015 as part of the TIFF festival marketing.

The film will be released in theatres on October 16, 2015.

I asked Gulshan if he would ever retire and he said he would keep working as long as work came his way and with the amount of films he is bringing out, it’s clear to say that the Bad man of Bollywood is here to stay for a long long time!