In the first half of the show, we’ll be speaking to one of the first rappers of India who is also an Indian playback singer, mainly performing for Bollywood. Rapping is clearly a niche, so how difficult is to break into the Bollywood industry with such a niche? What is one’s journey from having a talent to becoming a star? Watch the first half to hear all about our guest’s journey and be entertainment by some of his hits!

In the second half, we’ll be joined by a man who has carried the tradition of a sport originating from India overseas. When a sport originates in one country, what are the means of transporting it across continents? How does sport act as a bridge between borders? And what could this game be that is not cricket – which is notoriously known as a game played by both Indians and the British?! Find out all this and more during the second half of the show.