The music industry, particularly the South Asian one, is extremely male-dominated. So to hear of women successfully breaking into the industry, establishing themselves and then branching out and growing in numbers is rare but we got all three of those components on the show through the group Eternal Taal.

Eternal Taal is a bhangra and dhol group founded and managed by Parv Kaur. In 1999, Parv began Eternal Taal with just a few college friends, and since then has grown and established it into a group of more than 50.

The group play the dhol, and perform bhangra dance routines at lady sangeet nights, band bajaa, and other events. Parv explained how establishing and growing the group has been a journey, beginning with her throwing leaflets through doors and putting up posters in sweet shops and centres.

Joining Parv on the show was one of Eternal Taal members Sangeeta Kohli. She moved from London to the West Midlands and found the group online on YouTube. While learning dhol in London, Sangeeta felt that she belonged in the classroom because she is a girl. But upon joining Eternal Taal and seeing Parv performing, she was inspired and since then has never looked back!

I thought that it was beautiful to see women being inspired by other women. What makes the story and journey even more beautiful is women such as Parv encouraging and supporting other female talent. Sangeeta acknowledged that Parv decided to share her talent which makes her stand out.

Parv explained that Eternal Taal work as a team and it is about going out to express what they love. “We have a talent and we want to express it”. “We need to teach people” and train them to learn our routines. During the interview it was so clear to see Parv’s passion and how Sangeeta had progressed from classroom learning to taking to the stage as a professional dhol player.

To go out on stage requires confidence. I asked Sangeeta how she gained the confidence to perform on stage. “When the boss says you’re ready, you’re ready”, Sangeeta said jokingly! But she went on to explain that it is normal to feel nervous and she did not feel ‘ready’ the first time she went on stage, but after performing more than once she built her confidence. She also explained that being on stage with her group members feels like being alongside family who will support and guide if she goes wrong.

Not only have the broken the UK market, but also made their way into Bollywood too. She performed in the song ‘Suit Tera Laal Rang’ from the film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ and in the song ‘Raitaa Phail Gaya’ from Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s latest film ‘Shaandar’.

Sangeeta said it was so difficult to contain herself as she is a massive Bollywood fan! Parv told us the surprising news that a four minute song took four days to shoot! Every angle, leg, arm etc. had to be perfect!

To be partaking in a bhangra dhol group and performing in Bollywood music videos is not considered the conventional route to take for South Asian females. I wanted to know how their families have taken their career choices.

Parv explained that she comes from a musical background so has always been supported. Likewise, Sangeeta’s family have always supported her and encouraged her to follow her talents and passions.

Ultimately, Eternal Taal is a team going out and expressing their passion and what they love to do. They are here to promote bhangra music to wider audiences and are clearly doing it for the girls!

They both encourage studying alongside your passion but Sangeeta left on a positive note when it comes to following your dreams. Her advice was “don’t give up, just do it”.

The energy and vibes from both Parv and Sangeeta was infectious and led me to dancing along while they played the dhol LIVE on-air! I absolutely loved their passion and charisma for their careers as well as their love for teaching and encouraging others who also have a talent and passion. It was a true symbol of women who love what they do and of women uniting.