Growing up in the 1980s in Croydon, South East London in a Sikh family, Dubtician Jasmeet Singh Rekhi. was surrounded by music from East and West and from a multitude of genres. Always found tapping on tables or making recordings on his cassette tape recorder at home, Dubtician was destined for a career in music.  In the early 1990s he moved from playing drums to performing at parties on the dhol. His passion for music led him to become a much sought after DJ, spinning Jungle, Hip Hop and Bhangra LPs at clubs and events and unknowingly to him, his mix tapes spread throughout the asian youth of Croydon.

Knowing very little about his Sikh faith and background, Dubtician’s life transformed in 2008 after listening to recordings of English and Panjabi Katha (discourse) by Bhai Sukha Singh and for the first time, was able to understand the Holy Scriptures. In May of that year he was initiated into the Khalsa.

After taking a year out from western and commercial music, Dubtician returned to the scene with a spiritual remit, this time as a dub and roots reggae selector playing on the radio and in venues and festivals throughout the UK. He set up his own recording studio complex with help from his family in Croydon in 2011 where he explored further the relationship and strong resonance between dub reggae, Raag Kirtan and Vaheguru Simran. The Dub Simran Experience CD is centred around Spiritual Sikh Chanting, repetition and remembrance of The Name of The Lord (Simran), beautifully set within the context of this newly discovered musical palette.