Dr Riyen works exclusively with Stemology, a private medical service. Previously, he has worked at Imperial NHS Trust. Stemology is an institution in the UK promoting and educating on Stem Cell treatments, transplants and infusions – working primarily with pregnant couples/mothers. Stemology is a breakthrough in medical science and can help cure a vast number of life threatening conditions such as Leukaemia’s, Anaemia’s, Thalassaemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Sickle Cell Anaemia and many more. These incredible Stem Cells are found in abundance in umbilical cords. He works closely with expecting parents, grandparents, antenatal classes advising them on various aspects of Pregnancy – Nutrition, Encouraging Early Brain Development, Delayed Cord Clamping, Exercising & Wellness during Pregnancy, Hair & Beauty During Pregnancy and how they can store their new born baby’s stem cells.