A graduate from St Bartholomew’s & Royal Brompton Hospitals in London, Dr Ameet Bakhai is a front line Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, with a focus on heart failure, risk assessment in atrial fibrillation, acute coronary syndromes and cardiovascular risk factor reduction. He is also the Trust R&D Deputy Director and was Clinical Cardiovascular R&D Lead for Central and East London LCRNin 2014. With the collaborations of wonderful and worldwide partners, he has published over 80 peer reviewed papers on subjects including the design and conduct of clinical trials, health economic evaluation of cardiovascular pharmacotherapies, coronary stents and disease prevention and co-authored the very popular textbook with Dr Duolao Wang on Understanding Clinical Trials. Having been a scholar at Harvard Clinical Research Institute in Boston after being a research fellow at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, he is recognised for his commitment to patient care and for innovative translational research in clinical cardiology within the NHS, pharma and device industries. He has been a member of various panels at National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, a national Principal Investigator of international registries (EUPS-AF, APTOR), a recruiting investigator in several multi-national clinical trials, a reviewer for various journals and grant bodies, has board positions and is an advisor to several commercial and government healthcare partners for therapy development programmes, commissioning and health economic modelling.