I work in an industry where EVERYONE aspires to have that all important Hollywood smile! I see magazines, pictures and articles of people who are trying every form of procedure, paste and technique to try and maintain their pearly white teeth.

Over the years I have tried numerous whitening toothpastes, and also procedures. As a child I had braces to ensure my teeth looked good and weren’t disfigured when I grew up and I will confess that over the last few years I have become INCREDIBLY lazy with my trips to the Dentist. I am perhaps not as bothered about my dentist appointments as much as I am about a trip to the Hairdressers-Which I know is 100% wrong!

I find more often than not, people forget to take proper care of their teeth. I brush mine, floss when I feel like it and like a child only visit a dentist when I have a toothache! When we bleed from any part of our body-we run to the GP or even to Accident and Emergency, but when our gums bleed, when brushing in the morning and at night, how often do we REALLY rush to the Dentist of Hygienist to get it checked out?

 I once met a Dentist who informed me that a person should be brushing for 1 minute each time. If you think about it and actually stand behind your sink in the morning and count, I doubt many people would stand there for a full minute brushing their teeth-IT FEELS LIKE A REALLY LONG TIME!

Naturally lifestyle choices don’t make it easier for us, people smoke, drink and illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mouth cancers are all on the rise. In these cases it is VERY important to keep a close eye on your teeth, any blisters, mouth sores or any changes you may see in your mouth and make your dentist aware of them.

On today’s show I was joined by dentist Jatan Patel who openly says he enjoys treating nervous and anxious patients , which undoubtedly is a challenge. Jatan emphasised the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing on a regular basis, a concept which can be learnt at the hygienist, if someone is not sure how to do it.

After speaking to viewers throughout the day, it became clear that we often take our teeth for granted and chew, chop, bite and grind them on lots of different foods and substances but ultimately if we don’t take care of them it can lead of a lot of problems in our later years.

Jatan insisted that regardless of your age, background and income it is vital to see your dentist at least every 6 months. With so many illnesses such as diabetes, different cancers it’s important to try and prevent anything minor develop into something more serious before it’s too late.

After all they do say Prevention is better than cure!