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Can we use Brexit to shape a better future for UK ?

October 24th, 2017|

According to the Britain Reuters,  The pound suffered its biggest one-day fall against the dollar on record on the night of the decision, as currency traders bet that leaving the EU would impose a long-term and permanent economic cost. Brexit negotiations have yet to begin but already the prospect of the UK splitting from the rest of the European Union has roiled the world of business, sending shockwaves through a slew of sectors. Thousands of jobs look set to move and while it’s impossible to attach a price tag to Brexit, industry bodies, consultants, economists and accountants have already published dozens of reports on the possible impact of new tariffs and a restriction on the movement of people.

Do you feel less safe in Britain ?

October 23rd, 2017|

The UK Home Office says reports of crimes such as robbery, wounding and racially-aggravated assault have jumped, while detection rates by police forces have decreased. As tragic as the Manchester events is, the implications on travel to the United Kingdom and Europe remain unchanged. Sadly this is the new normal. It came only 2 months after the Westminster attack in London, and security authorities report they are investigating and thwarting potential attacks on a weekly basis. It is impossible to predict where or when the next one will occur. But the fact remains the chances of being involved in a terror event are extremely small. The UK is at the same risk of terror attack today as it was before Manchester, we’re just more aware of it today, feeling the hurt and the fear. Do you feel less safe? Do you think there is more or less violent crime these days? Have you been a victim of crime recently?

Zee Companion – Friday Fever

October 6th, 2017|

Get Ready for the Friday Fever dose on Zee Companion !! There is lots from news review to film review, Health, Fitness and Food, Dancing, Entertainment and some inside gossips, that’s not it. We have our presenters taking some new challenges every week. Exciting !! Tune is every Friday at 6:00 pm on ZEE TV UK.