East End Foods is a food import/export business based in the West Midlands which has today become both a business empire and a household name.

Speaking to the Director of East End Foods Jasbir Wouhra, I wanted to know how he turned the business from a small start-up to a booming success.

Working with his five brothers, and building upon the philosophy of his forefathers, Mr Wouhra’s business was a ‘drive uphill’ to get it to where it is today; with over 30,000 lines including food and drink.

Mr Wouhra explained that the business’s philosophy derives from his father’s words: ‘do not feed anybody anything that you would not eat yourself’.

In fact, Mr Wouhra shared many philosophical quotes, anecdotes and jokes that contained vital advice for budding businessmen and women and entrepreneurs.

Some of the crucial points he made when ensuring success in the food market were:

  • Good branding
  • Good quality
  • PR comes last and excellent quality comes first

Advice for anyone wanting to get into food import/export:

  • Decide what line you want to focus on as there are many and it is difficult to do a range
  • Do background checks on anybody you are thinking of doing business with – even checking their business accounts and monetary situation
  • Ensure the business you are working with is BRC approved

General advice for anyone wanting to go into business:

  • Give it 120%
  • Work tirelessly
  • Feed money back into the business
  • Be honest
  • Never think of shortcuts because they will not have long-term effects
  • Go to exhibitions as they are a big source of information

One thing that stood out during our chat was Mr Wouhra’s quality control and attention to detail when it came to providing excellent standards of food.

At the end of the business talk, Mr Wouhra treated all of our viewers to a sing-song as he is not only Director of a successful empire but also has his own live band and sings to his heart’s content!