Would you believe me if I told you that my introduction to the big bosses at Zee TV UK was as a researcher for Zee Companion? Well believe me because it’s true! I had just returned from two years in Los Angeles where I worked in film production and also acted in some commercials, and I was wondering what my next step would be in London. Well within a few months I met the guys at Genlock Films, who produce this show, all because I responded to an ad they had placed in Craigslist. They were looking for people to help them produce a show for a leading Asian TV network!

This was right up my street and within a few days of being hired, I was at the Zee TV Office helping them audition presenters for the new show. Now because of the training I had in LA behind and in-front of the camera, I felt inspired to audition myself, purely for the fun of it. I wasn’t at all expecting to be chosen as I didn’t have any prior professional experience as a presenter and on top of that I couldn’t speak Hindi, at least not to the standard one would expect to hear on TV! But I could connect very well with people and it was my intention to create a show that would inspire and uplift, and that’s where I believe Zee Companion and I matched perfectly. To my amazement, I was one of the presenters chosen to be a Zee Companion and while it was an unexpected turn of events, it was something I felt eager, excited and proud to take on.

It’s another synchronistic unfolding that reminds me that there is so much more unfolding for us than we can necessarily see the evidence of. Some call that faith, some call it destiny, but whatever you choose to call it, it’s so much fun to experience!

100 episodes later and I can say it has been a fabulous journey, full of funny, crazy and tough moments, all rolled into one! One of my favourite crazy moments was being on air during a five minute show and having the battery of my microphone die three minutes in – you might have remembered that one when I was talking and probably looking shell shocked at the same time?! We couldn’t stop laughing afterwards because it was either that, or getting insanely annoyed!

I was very honoured to interview Kabir Bedi on his visit to the UK a couple of months ago. I found him to be so inspirational and someone who clearly demonstrated that you can achieve whatever you want with hard work and determination, peppered with a little luck! And on our 100th episode itself, I was lucky enough to interview the beautiful and funny Niki Walia, who you may have known as Dr Simran from Astitva. That was a very touching interview for me, because all of you who called in were so sweet and full of love for her. These sorts of conversations are my passion and if you like more of them on Zee Companion, please let us know.

But my favourite part of all has been hearing from you – your questions, your stories, your words of wisdom, and your appreciation for what we are doing and how much it is helping you.  That’s what Zee Companion is all about and that’s what keeps me turning up each day, so thank you for making this possible J