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Mindful thinking

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Can we use Brexit to shape a better future for UK ?

According to the Britain Reuters,  The pound suffered its biggest one-day fall against the dollar on record on the night of the decision, as currency traders bet that leaving the EU would impose a long-term and permanent economic cost. Brexit negotiations have yet to begin but already the prospect of the UK splitting from […]

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Do you feel less safe in Britain ?

The UK Home Office says reports of crimes such as robbery, wounding and racially-aggravated assault have jumped, while detection rates by police forces have decreased. As tragic as the Manchester events is, the implications on travel to the United Kingdom and Europe remain unchanged. Sadly this is the new normal. It came only 2 […]

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Zee Companion – Friday Fever

Get Ready for the Friday Fever dose on Zee Companion !! There is lots from news review to film review, Health, Fitness and Food, Dancing, Entertainment and some inside gossips, that’s not it. We have our presenters taking some new challenges every week. Exciting !! Tune is every Friday at 6:00 pm on ZEE […]

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Zee Companion – Your Story

Sunny was a bright student and had always achieved good graded in the school. When he was 18 he found, himself taken over by an addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. A series of traumatic incidents, including deaths in the family, trouble at school and falling in with the wrong crowd, led to him […]

Kabir Cafe Band

Today on ZEE Companion we will be joined by the most inspiring Band called the Kabir café, largely influenced by renowned Kabir Folk Singer Padmashri Prahladji Tippaniya, Neeraj Arya has pioneered the genre known as Kabir Rock. The band are on quest to ensure Kabir’ s verses are accessible and comprehensible through contemporary music […]

Should Race Be Considered Whle Fostering A Child ?

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Was partition necessary for India’s Freedom?

Was Partition a correct choice?  The Wars and enmity that followed in 1948, 1965 and 1971 were not necessary and should have been prevented? Many thinks that the subcontinent would have plunged into civil war and millions more would have died in a slaughter lasting more than just the 1–2 years of massacres both […]

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