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    Wajid Shamshul Hasan, sharad Parikh, Vijay Mehta and Tahir Aziz

Wajid Shamshul Hasan, sharad Parikh, Vijay Mehta and Tahir Aziz

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Will India-Pakistan relations ever have good relationship?

Dr. Mahadeo Bhide and Dr. Balmukund Bhala

Dr Mahadeo Bhide is a practicing gynaecologist based in London, UK. He has more than 20 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and specialises in fertility treatments inducing IVF (test-tube baby). He spent his initial years in the NHS as a gynaecologist and more recently, has carried out a private practice in London […]

Is Healthcare too commercialised in India?

In India, perhaps more than anywhere, Doctors have enjoyed a status next only to God.  But is something changing? There’s been growing criticism that money is becoming the sole objective – over and above saving lives. Private hospitals have been booming but there’ve been accusations that many are just money-making machines, where doctors need […]

Ravi Bhanot

Ravi Bhanot is  a Co-Founder of one of the leading Ayurveda Institutes in Britain  As an entrepreneur and with a passion in health, well-being and beauty Ravi co-founded The Ayurveda Institute of Europe. The Ayurveda Institute of Europe is a not-for profit organization that teaches Ayurvedic massages and Ayurvedic therapies and carries out research […]

Can we use Brexit to shape a better future for UK ?

According to the Britain Reuters,  The pound suffered its biggest one-day fall against the dollar on record on the night of the decision, as currency traders bet that leaving the EU would impose a long-term and permanent economic cost. Brexit negotiations have yet to begin but already the prospect of the UK splitting from […]

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Pranav Bhanot, Hina Malik and Jayshree Dave

Guest 1  – Pranav Bhanot – Pranav Bhanot is a solicitor and mediator who specialises in Commercial Dispute Resolution with a particular interest in advising Local and Central Government as well as not-for-profit organisations. Pranav is the former London Coordinator for The Conservative Friends of India, an organisation which seeks to build stronger links between […]

Do you feel less safe in Britain ?

The UK Home Office says reports of crimes such as robbery, wounding and racially-aggravated assault have jumped, while detection rates by police forces have decreased. As tragic as the Manchester events is, the implications on travel to the United Kingdom and Europe remain unchanged. Sadly this is the new normal. It came only 2 […]

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Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is chief executive of The Fostering Network with significant experience of leading charities. Kevin has over thirty years’ experience as a social worker in a range of care settings for local authorities across England. He served a tenure as chair of the National Association of Fostering Providers from 2010-11, and on the […]

Should Race Be Considered Whle Fostering A Child ?

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