We all want to look good and feel great and I am one person who loves to dress up, do my hair and make-up and feel like a million dollars before going out! Today I discussed just that – how to look great with the help of natural beauty products.

It’s winter and this weather does take its toll on our health so it is important to give it time and attention: I know hundreds of girls who swear by petroleum jelly branded products like Vaseline,however, that innocent looking tub may not be as helpful as you think. As a by-product from the oil industry, petroleum jelly is not compatible with our skin. Slathering it on your lips is essentially wrapping your skin in cling film, preventing it from breathing and potentially making the area even more sore and chapped. Instead, reach for a lip product that contains natural waxes, butters and oils, which as well as forming a protective layer, nourishes and repairs damaged skin. So when I see women putting on copious amounts of Vaseline I think ooooh L

I was reading in the papers about a new products that consists of “snail slime” – yes really! The product itself is making waves in the market and claims to be the perfect anti-ager! Personally I think the entire idea is pretty gross, but then again I’m a huge believer in “never say never”. Who knows, when I’m 100 and my skin looks like a prune, I may say it’s the best thing in the world!

Jokes aside, it has been proven by numerous scientists and research does back the notion that “natural” things such as fruits/vegetables for example. Putting potatoes on your eyes can actually help reduce puffiness.

The same can be said about products possessing different natural products which can be really beneficial for you. But I won’t lie when I say some of it can be utter garbage. I once tried on a cream that claimed to have elements from the moon (yes really!) I paid an exorbitant amount of money for it, and after not really seeing much progress I gave it to my Mum, who is my human tester whenever I’m unsure about a product and she said the word to describe it was “utter rubbish.” Saying that, I know many women who think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

In many cases it is all about personal preference, taste, cost and also allergic reactions. I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to “natural” products because ultimately it MUST contain a chemical somewhere otherwise would it not go off whilst in the bottle, Tube or tub?

Today I was joined by Zaynab Mirza who emphasised the need to exfoliate at least twice a week and was kind enough to bring in some home treatments she had made such as scrubs, oatmeal face masks and under eye masks.

So it seems reasonable to claim that, there is certainly a niche market for home made products.

As much as I would like to try and make them and use them myself, I’m simply too LAZY!