Baluji was 8 months old, when he suffered an infection which affected his sight. His young teenage mother did not realise that when she removed the bandages from his face, the dirt she threw away was what remained of his eyes. His eyes had been burnt to the optic nerve – all thanks to a neighbour’s toxic home remedy. Later as an adult when Baluji met that neighbour again, instead of showing any anger he touched her feet out of respect. At blind school he had been given a sitar – and music had transformed his world. Now, multi-instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav has played with Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin and Shakira to name a few. He brings together incredible blind musicians from around the world, for another popular tour of the Inner Vision Orchestra. Their uplifting music moves between songs from Iran, Afghanistan, India, Japan and Nigeria with soulful Gospel and Blues to sublime Indian Ragas and Western Classical compositions. Driven by the intensity of an inner vision they celebrate the power of music to transform lives.