This entire week leading up to Christmas has been a very beautiful musical journey and today was no different. Today I was joined by the very talented singer Avina Shah. She did her first single ‘’Tere Bina’’ 4 years ago when it was a very male dominated industry and she was one of the very few female singers from the UK releasing a song. She is also a strong believer of women empowerment.

She wanted to do something different. Domestic violence is very common in the Asian community and it is a taboo subject according to Avina. She wanted to try to do something to empower listeners and give strength to anyone going through a bad patch or a bad relationship to come out stronger. Music is so powerful it can evoke many emotions in people. She wanted to bring a message through music that could affect people in a positive way. She said that her experience while recording it was amazing; there was a lot of emotion put behind it. When she recorded the song, she wasn’t thinking about how people are going to react to it. She had a message for everyone and when it was released she realised how much it had touched people. She spoke about receiving a lot of messages from women who are going through or had gone through a very bad relationship or had faced abuse. You need to feel the lyrics of what you are singing to get the emotion correct and you need to be in the right frame of mind according to Avina. When recording an upbeat song you cannot feel tired or be in a dull mood similarly you can’t feel happy or excited when recording a sad song, you need to get into the character as the microphone in the recording studios are very powerful and pick up every little emotion.

She said that she actually started dancing before singing.  Her elder sister and her father both sing very well said Avina. She loved dancing on stage but was too shy to sing in front of people even though she always loved singing. When she was 15 years old she joined her sister on stage to sing in front of an audience for the first time. Being with her sister on the stage gave her confidence and she has never looked back since.

She has done quite a few Bollywood covers. Taking an existing Bollywood song and rerecording it in your own version is her take of a Bollywood cover. A good cover would be a good remake of an existing song by adding a new flavour to it.

Avina said that she loves performing live and has travelled all over the world doing that. But she is one of the few singers who believe in giving back. She recently performed in a care home where most of the residents are in the later stages of their life and don’t have their family around them and are very lonely. She likes to talk to them and sing for them. It makes them smile and sing along, gives them a chance to relive their memories and it is very self satisfying to see that said Avina. She wants to do something good and this seva is her way of giving back and being thankful for being able to do what she loves to do. The feeling after doing a performance like that is much more powerful than performing on stage at a concert said Avina.

Avina went to India to learn classical music from the disciple of Pandit Jasraj after finishing University. She stayed there away from her family for around 5 months and it was a great experience which made her tougher and much more confident with music.

She founded her own company ‘’Faces by Avina’’ at the very young age of 12 even before she started singing. She said that she had always loved beauty and makeup. When she was young, her friends and relatives used to ask her to do their hairstyles and makeup which inspired her to start her own company.