Amit Kainth is a highly successful young entrepreneur, Asian business man and Author who made a mark in the recruitment industry by setting up and developing one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in the UK.  A perfectionist by nature and driven by a passion to succeed, Amit began his business career at the tender age of 25 when he invested into a recruitment agency franchise.

Very quickly Amit achieved stupendous success, becoming a millionaire in a short span of less than 2 years.  As with most companies associated to the finance industry, Amit too felt the pinch of the financial crisis leaving him in a state of huge business loss affecting his personal life and health. However, undeterred by the economic crisis Amit determined to regain all that he achieved, started from scratch with the formation of Pearson Anderson Ltd, a recruitment company specialising in the healthcare industry.

 Now at the age of 35, with the hindsight of experience fuelled by a new way of spiritual living, Amit has successfully recreated himself and grown to unimaginable heights both as a human being and business man.  His company Pearson Anderson, in less than 4 years is turning over eight times more business than his previous company and continues to grow from strength to strength.  This year Pearson Anderson will be floated on the market as a PLC creating a significant number of jobs for local people. As an expression of gratitude for all that he has learnt and received, Amit has launched his writing career by essaying his formula for success in his book ‘The Gift – Seven Laws to Success’