With summer literally around the corner, and promising bouts already hitting the UK shores, I love revelling in thoughts about picnics in the park, theme parks and fun holiday spots with my family. But those thoughts soon hit a reality check when I step out into the garden and it looks like it’s snowing on a sunny day – I’m taking about all that pollen blowing around and the daunting thought of hay fever hitting my friends and family. I couldn’t believe how much of it was in the air, no wonder people were suffering! My dad and brother get it pretty bad, my sister a little, but my mum and I are totally immune to it! Why are some of us affected and others not?

When I was a teenager, my worst moments at home were when my mum started cleaning the house! The minute the duster came out, I was in a sneezing fit and my eyes and nose were running like crazy. No it wasn’t an allergy to cleaning – I’m now a clean freak just like her!  It was an allergy to dust. I often had to get out of the house into the clean fresh air before the symptoms would begin to subside.  Fortunately now, I don’t have that same reaction, which makes me wonder if I really had an allergy at all. Or maybe I did and it miraculously disappeared. Is that even possible?

It got me thinking about how allergies even begin because they appear to pop up out of the blue. I’ve now discovered it’s because your body needs to be exposed to it at least once to develop sensitivity so it’s only over a period of time that an allergy can surface, with some taking years! The same substance that you once had no adverse reaction to, now debilitates you and makes you miserable. It’s like a mystery ailment!

No one seems to really know what triggers them. According to the NHS we’re more likely to develop an allergy if it runs in our family. But exactly what tips the balance is unclear. They also say that environmental factors play a role, for example, dust mites in the house, growing up with smokers, exposure to pets, and using antibiotics. But that all seems like guesswork to me.

So is a cure out of the question? Avoiding the substance that causes your allergy or taking medication that suppresses the unpleasant symptoms is all that’s really available right now. Unless you’re lucky enough to experience a miraculous disappearance, like I did. I don’t even know how my seeming dust allergy disappeared, because these days when I clean my apartment I don’t have that same reaction. Is it something I just grew out of?

Our bodies are so intelligent, it’s amazing to watch the way we are kept alive without any conscious thought. And thank god for that, otherwise it would have been over a long time ago! But it’s this intelligence that must truly understand what’s happening with us. Perhaps allergies really are genetic, or maybe they are an indication of some imbalance, as per Ayurveda.

What do you think?