There is very good scientific evidence showing that acupuncture can help with short term relief of knee, neck and low back pain, and headaches.  It has also been shown to relieve nausea and vomiting in some situations. For other problems, there is little good scientific evidence that we can rely on because not enough good quality research work has been done. The commonest reason to try acupuncture is to treat painful problems.

 Personally I have a real fear of needles but, I have heard that Acupuncture can be used to treat a range of conditions and practitioners often vary enormously in the kind of conditions they are happy to treat. So, whether acupuncture can help you can only really be decided after discussion. As a general guide, if you are suffering from pain, acupuncture may well help to improve your pain depending on the area.

 After speaking to numerous people, it is fair to say results can never be guaranteed. Some people react very well to acupuncture while other people notice little change. In addition, some patients notice that acupuncture promotes relaxation, and results in a feeling of improved wellbeing. Many find that they feel better after an acupuncture treatment, even if, unfortunately, there is no real improvement in their medical condition.

 Interestingly, acupuncture has also developed into a fad of sorts with several Hollywood personalities swearing by it. Jennifer Lopez told OK! Magazine that she dropped 15 pounds with acupuncture therapy while Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on Instagram with the tagline: “Oh so relaxing!” In 2004, Celine Dion credited her pregnancy with a combination of IVP treatments and acupuncture. The list goes on and on!

 After having a few needles prodded into my hand whilst Live on Air, I’ll be honest I did not notice much difference in my stress levels except that I was left with a rather unattractive bruise on my hand. But everyone is different and everyone’s body reacts to medicines, treatments and procedures differently. So regardless of what you think or what you feel, it is fair to say acupuncture is very popular and more and more people are trying it! Will you?