We have all had those annoying phone calls when someone asks “did you have an accident in the last 3 years?” The number of times I have lost my temper and said don’t call me again has surpassed all of my counting skills. Let’s face it, we have all been cold called by someone. Even my 82 year old Grandfather (who had never driven a car in his life) was asked if he’d had a car accident; which not only was ridiculous but also made us laugh over the desperation of certain companies who were so eager to generate claims they would pester anyone with a name, let alone the fact whether they drove or not.

Without a doubt this “accident claim” business is getting bigger and more number of people are thinking it’s a quick way to make cash. I will admit that there are people who have genuine injuries and deserve all the financial help, support and treatment for their injuries and ailments after an accident. However, there are so many people who are constantly trying to scam the system and sadly giving “accident claims” a bad name and reputation.

I had a car accident a few years ago and had a nasty experience with some women who had been hit. They refused medical attention, yet managed to drive home (which was over 180 miles) after the collision and then claimed for compensation even though they were absolutely fine. These types of claims actually make my blood boil, as innocent drivers are having to cough up for people who do not actually need medical treatment, but they just want some extra cash for a holiday or Christmas.

Today I was joined by Gurm Sanger, a qualified solicitor who covers many areas of law such as Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Crime, Family Law, Wills and Probate. However, today he was solely focusing on personal injury.

Gurm said that personal injury is a big business and more people are claiming for injuries as they need money for treatment and this is justified. However, people who are claiming for bogus accidents and issues would be sought out and could face prosecution for fraud.

He emphasized that when one has an accident, he/she should take as many pictures and compile as much evidence as possible. This applies even to someone who slips in a supermarket. Often we forget about procedures because we are hurt/injured and want to get home, but these small things are necessary, especially as most health conditions and problems arise after the injury as opposed to the initial impact or damage.

For those of us who receive innumerable calls driving us mad telling us we’ve had an accident and can get money, he suggested contacting our insurance company who often pass on our details to other companies and request them to stop doing so by opting out. If you feel you are being harassed by constant cold calls for accident claims you could also notify the police.

One caller on the show had experienced an injury at a store and wanted guidance as nothing had been resolved. Gurm suggested that one should follow up by getting a report filled out. If appointing a solicitor, then one should go with someone who is understanding of the case and also understands the claimant.

By the end of the show I realised that there are a lot of pros and cons in relation to accident claims. However my sour experience of cold calls has still left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.