On Diwali this year we had the amazing magician, Magic Singh, join me on Zee Companion and I found it bringing back exciting memories of living in Los Angeles, because the friend I was living with when I first arrived was married to Harry Houdini’s great grandson! I had stepped into the world of magic!

 My friend is a powerful woman and she told me stories of when she was a young girl going to Hollywood High School. She would walk to school and on her way she always walked along the Walk of Fame and specifically would step on Houdini’s star. She felt so drawn to it. It’s no coincidence then that she married into the family. At age 17 she got suspended from school for holding a séance in the basement! The very thing Harry Houdini was famous for.

 When I was staying with her, she would drive me around LA showing me all the sights and there was one in particular that caught my attention.  It looked like a mini chateau, something akin to what you would find in a Harry Potter movie! She told me it was called the Magic Castle.

 I really wanted to go but you had to be a member or be invited by one. Well just at that time, my friend had gotten to know a magician called Howard Hamburg who was very well known in Las Vegas. He was a member and that day, he was in town!

 He invited us to the castle that evening and I could only imagine what would be inside. I felt like a child visiting Disneyland for the first time!

 Well let me tell you this, it was like stepping back 50 years. A piano stood in the entrance area playing all by itself, there was a bar ahead and then tables where magicians were sharing tricks and putting on quite a display.  Howard invited us to sit down with him and his colleague while my friend and I participated in the most incredible magic tricks!

 We then went upstairs into the magic library full of ancient texts containing all manner of philosophies and magic teachings, and that led us to the séance room where Harry Houdini would often perform. It was full of photographs and memorabilia. Amazing!

 We concluded the evening with a fantastic magic stage show in the basement before leaving through the secret passageway way hidden only by a shelf of books! It was just like you would see in the movies.

 What can I say. It was simply magical ;)